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Siegellack und Petschaften

Sealing Lacquers & Signets

In the past, letters, certificates and important documents were finished with seals and even today, seal lacquer and signets enjoy wide popularity. Huber & Lerner has a wide array of finished signet motifs in its assortment or you may wish to have an individual signet engraved with your monogram or company logo.

Sealing lacquer was already in use in Europe in the Middle Ages and arrived here mostly likely from ancient India via various different trading routes. Seals were mostly of coats of arms, monograms and sometimes secret symbols and were only allowed to be “broken” or opened by specific people. The lacquer is made of plant resins such as shellack, turpentine and fir resins, fine chalks, mineral dyes and exquisite perfume essences.

You will also find an extensive selection of motif seals and sealing wax in our Online shop!

Siegellack in den verschiedensten Farben
Siegellack in den verschiedensten Farben

How to create the perfect Seal

Warning – please only work using a fire-resistant, clean base. Prepare the lacquer and a small flame, such as a candle or preferably a small spirit lamp. The signet’s brass plate should be clean and cold. It may be helpful to rub a thin layer of vegetable oil over it before use.

  1. Warm the lacquer bar using a small spirit lamp, turn the lacquer over the flame and keeping a safe distance (the lacquer should not be so warm it drips or turns black – should it catch fire, blow it out) and dab on the envelope flap shortly before it begins to drip, turn the bar and remove. (If necessary mix the resulting soot into the lacquer and wait until the lacquer thickens). Should threads appear, roll over them with the bar or simply scrape away after cooling.  Two coatings are usually necessary to create a normal-sized seal.

  2. Then press the seal for 4-5 seconds on the viscous lacquer. If several seals are required, cool the brass plate of signet between seals.

  3. Let the finished seal cool for a short time.

Tips on making seals

Stuck seal stamps can be easily cleaned using methylated spirits.

Long lacquer sticks make about 30 seals and shorter ones 14 seals (using a signet of 2.4 cm or 0.95 inches in diameter).

Ready-Made Motifs or Individual Engraving

You can choose from a range of ready-made motifs or have signet made of your own, using your personal monogram, logo or family coat of arms. Huber & Lerner stocks appropriate sealing lacquers (shiny) and sealing wax (matt) for the stamping of post. This is a charming detail for events such as weddings.

Individuelle Gravur mit Firmenlogo für Petschaft
Individuelle Gravur mit Firmenlogo für Petschaft

We additionally offer to preproduce wax seals in the case of large-scale deliveries. These can be attached to envelopes quickly and easily using an adhesive strip. We can give you an estimate of the costs and delivery times involved upon request.