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Gablonzer Weihnachtsschmuck
01. December 2023

Gablonzer Christmas Decorations

Our traditional Christmas display is dedicated to Gablonzer-style Christmas decorations for the third time. The wonderful Christmas trees are created using the original, unique Gablonzer Industrie technique. 

The production of Gablonz Christmas tree decorations began around 1550 in Gablonz in what was then the Sudetenland, now the Czech Republic. At that time, the first glassworks and glass grinding shops were built and a large cottage industry emerged.

The production of colored glasses automatically led to the design of glass as a decorative element. By the end of the 18th century, the local jewelry designers had flourished. Their glass beads, and colored stones were internationally sought-after trade items, and Gablonz was the center of costume jewelry production.

Gablonzer Weihnachtsschmuck
Gablonzer Weihnachtsschmuck

After 1945, Austria offered jewelry specialists a home and thus the possibility of reconstruction and new production facilities. Until the factory closed in 2008, the original Gablonz jewelry pieces were produced in the local workshops.

As part of a cooperation with the well-known Viennese antique store Edler, we present Christmas decorations, made by hand using original Gablonz techniques, in our Christmas display decoration.

Gablonzer Weihnachtsbaum
Gablonzer Weihnachtsbaum

For further inquires about Gablonzer Christmas decorations, please contact Viennese antiques dealer Edler directly using the following contact details:
+43 699 11260610 (also via Whatsapp)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.