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Die Gesellschaftsdrucksorte
27. January 2020

Stationery for Social Events

Printed materials and stationery for social events and special occasions are part of the group of beautiful commercial print jobs that are created aesthetically using writing and spatial distribution techniques. This group includes all types of stationery that perform a communications function in society. 

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Gablonzer Weihnachtsschmuck
16. November 2019

Gablonzer Christmas Decorations

Our traditional Christmas display is dedicated to Gablonzer-style Christmas decorations for the second time. The wonderful Christmas trees, angels, reindeer, pins, and stars are created using the original, unique Gablonzer Industrie technique. 

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Otto Wagner Briefpapier
14. June 2019

Otto Wagner Special Edition

Huber & Lerner created an exclusive writing paper and notelet set, based on original designs, in honour of Otto Wagner in cooperation with Wien Museum.

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Huber & Lerner auf der Brautsache 2019
29. October 2019

Die BrautSache 2019

Um das Thema Hochzeit drehte sich alles auf der diesjährigen BrautSache, die am 8. November im Palais Niederösterreich mit zahlreichen Anbietern der Hochzeitsbranche über die Bühne ging. Huber & Lerner war ebenfalls vor Ort!

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Vintage Billets bei Huber & Lerner
15. November 2019

Vintage Wedding Cards

We often keep finding special little treasures from the past in our company archive, such as this hand-coloured menu used at the wedding of our founder. 

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